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Our modular approach allows us to develop customized solutions ranging from full, turnkey operational platforms to more targeted solutions for specific functions. Some insights and case studies are below showing how we’ve helped businesses improve.

Perfecting Key Business Process

Why companies should leverage technologies including cloud, mobile and social media to deliver key information to stakeholders.

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Success with Adaptive Insights

Two case studies on successfully leveraging Adaptive Insights.

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Expensify Case Study

Learn how T-Edward used Expensify to streamline the accounting process for 19 different partnerships and offices.

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Deluxe Corp Case Study

Deluxe is forced to adopt a new business model and implement strategic objectives to stay alive as a result of deregulation of the banking industry and changes in technology during the 1980’s.

Prior to the 1990’s, the Deluxe Corporation (Deluxe) the world’s largest printer of checks as well as a provider of electronic products and services to financial institutions and retail companies, was characterized as a generally stable, family oriented business. This relatively calm situation was unsettled in the 1980’s by deregulation of the banking industry and changes in technology. Deluxe is forced to adopt a business model and implement strategic objectives to stay alive.

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Google Apps for Work

Hear about how a 300-user specialty retail company achieved an ROI of 837% and a one-month payback.

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Leveraging the Cloud

Learn how to solve pain points within your business.

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Running a Business in the Cloud

Cloud infrastructures that have delivered breakthrough improvements in performance, productivity, growth and cost efficiency.

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Managing Companies with the Cloud

Learn how the cloud delivers tremendous operating advantages.

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Corporate Governance Made Easy

Learn how FullContact reduced the time and cost associated with equity administration.

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